Ravensworth, Home To Jamaica's Youngest National Master

Akeem Brown and Joshua Christie have been conferred with the title National Master and shall prepend the prefix NM to their name. Joshua Christie, age 15 is currently the youngest National Master in the island and the youngest Jamaican to be given the title.

St Jago Chess Academy, the official chess club at St Jago High School, coached by National Master Mikhail Solomon, has again performed exceptionally! This, as two more national masters have been produced while still in high school. Four years ago, NM Alistair Walker was conferred with the chess title at age 16. Now there are younger minds in the mix, the likes of NM Akeem Brown and NM Joshua Christie. Christie and Brown have received their titles just after playing in Panama for their country and performing among the elites. Joshua Christie tied for first place, Akeem Brown came 17th, Johmoi Blake came 7th. Among the young men is Adani Clarke, who is referred to as a Woman Candidate Master. She prepends the prefix WCM to her name.

 The St Jago Chess Academy and St Jago High School are pleased with the excellent performance of our students and the high level of professionalism that they bring to the sport. We are grateful for these Ravens and proud of their contribution to their school and country. A job well done.

Special thanks goes to the dedicated coach NM Mikhail Solomon, who has toiled with our students for many years, continuing to produce the greatest of Chess players in the island. Labor Omnia Vincit.